Sunday, July 24, 2005

Gourdstock Nation

Whooee! Well friends an' foes, yesterday Ma sez t' me -- "Wanna go t' Gourdstock?" I got me a cuzzin name o' Gord an' I know a few other fellers name o' Gord. I wasn't sure what in the hell Gourdstock was an' I wondered if it might be only fer fellers name o' Gord. Turns out it was all 'bout them gourds that's sorta like punkins 'cept I don't reckon yer gonna be able t' make any pies outta them there hard-shell gourds.

Whenever I see gourds in the groceteria, they're always little wee tiny things where you can put a whole whack of 'em in a wooden bowl. At Gourdstock, they had great huge gourds an' they made all sortsa purty stuff out of 'em. Here's a pitcher of a booth where they was sellin' banjos an' git-fiddles made outta gourds. The feller was doin' sum strummin', too, an' he weren't haff bad.

Gourdstock - Banjo Man

Ma plays the mandolin an' I thought mebbe she'd like t' try a gourd banjo but she din't like the idee o' no frets on the fingerboards.

They had lotsa fancy painted an' decorated up gourds on display an' they had prize ribbons on them that was the bestest ones. Sum folks sure got lotsa patience an' talent fer turnin' an ol' gourd inta a work of art, no two ways.

They was servin' up burgers an' other food an' the whole place was filled up with a coupla hunnert ol' hippies. One feller who was sellin' decorated gourds an' hookahs made o' gourds an' little stash boxes made o' gourds had a sign on the wall o' his tent that sed he donates a portion o' his takin's t' NORML.

They had entertainment there, too. Out on the grass, they had sum hula dancers doin' sum Hawaiian moves. I think them dancers come all the way from Trawna (centre o' the universe) t' perform at Gourdstock. Here's a pitcher I took o' them purty gals shakin' their gourds.


They was also puttin' on demonstrations 'bout doin' crafty stuff with gourds. Here's a pitcher.


I reckon there was sum other Trawna folks come all the way down t' Bealton fer Gourdstock. Out in the parkin' field, I seen a Toyotee Prius. We ain't got any o' them in my little town, yet, an' this one I seen had a sign on it sed I reckon that's sum city-fellers' scheme.

Ma an' I had us a little chat with the feller who started up Gourdstock. He was a nice feller, no two ways. I gotta give'm credit where credit's due fer puttin' on such a dandy show. I din't catch his name but I wanna give'm a pat on the back anyways. Ma an' I'll be back fer next year's Gourdstock.

Yores trooly,


Right Ho said...

JimBobby -- Interesting news item. Thanks for bringing it to our attention (w/ photos).

Many countries use gourds as a form of decoration. In fact, there have been museum displays involving gourds. I saw one in the UK some years ago.

Gourds are also used in countries like Greece and Portugal to carry water, wine, and so on.

The gourd is a very versatile item, it appears!

Right Ho

JimBobby said...

Whooee! Thankee fer chimin' in, Right Ho.

Yep, I thought I'd try my hand at a little o' that there "cityzen journalism" I hear tell about. I ain't sure I'll do too much more live reportin', though. I don't get out much an' it's easier settin' here spoutin' off 'bout polytick than goin' all over takin' pitchers an' writin' up fancy reports. Mebbe I'll leave that t' perfeshonal mainstreet media fellers like my boogin' buddy Bill Doskoch.


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