Friday, July 22, 2005

Hot Branding News

Whooee! Well, if yer up on the latest lingo in the advertisin' an' marketin' world, you probbly heard the word "branding" tossed around a lot. When these here web marketin' gurus is spoutin' off, they'll usually blather on a bit 'bout the importance o' good brandin'. I reckon they're talkin' 'bout gettin' folks t' recognize yer logo an' trademark an' company slogan. Stuff like that.

So today, I come across two different stories in the news 'bout brandin' an' neither one has t' do with marketin' yer brand in the advertisin' sense. Both stories is about burnin' hot iron pressed inta flesh like back in the old west when Rowdy Yates an' Gil Favor was drivin' big ol' herds 'cross the open range.

The first story I come across was on the CBC where they're tellin' 'bout a new rule sez if Canajun sheep ranchers wanna export their sheep an' lambs over t' the Merkins, they gotta brand the pore little critters with a red hot brandin' iron. Yeow! That's gonna hurt. Here's a wee bit from that there CBC story --
"When you're talking about branding cattle for export to the States, you're usually talking about an animal that's 800 to 900 pounds," he said.

"We're talking about lambs here that are 80 to 90 pounds, and to put a large brand on a small lamb would just be cruel."

In Canada, sheep are identified by ear tags, a system the Americans don't recognize.

Morvik said that in addition to the cruelty issue, branding a lamb means shaving off valuable wool. It would also ruin the skin, which is used in leather products.

I sure as hell don't like the sounds o' that sort o' brandin'.

Jest after I got through readin' that sheep story, I come across a story 'bout a gal down in New York City who got branded with the name o' the electric company Consolidated Edison. Turns out the gal was skateboardin' an' she fell on to a manhole cover an' that there manhole cover was pipin' hot an' it burned a brand on to her jest above her ass an' also on her arm. I guess she's suin' the ass off o' Con Ed.

Yores trooly,


ricky said...

My family had a ranch on the Beaver River in Northern Saskatchewan near Dorintosh. Our brand was


Now do you get it Jim Bobby?! It's corny but hey it was the brand!

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