Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Hezballers an' Israel Lookin' fer the Same Thing - A Bigger War

Whooee! Well friends an' foes, here I go again copyin' an' pastin' from a comment I left sumwhere's else. This is from a comment I left over at Toni Zerb's boog.

I reckon there's sum numbnutses who don't figger Lebanese civilians lives is worth anything. If they are human shields an' the Israelis kill 'em, what's that sayin' 'bout both sides? The hezballers mebbe expect the Israelis t' be civilized enuff that they don't kill innocent babies. The Israelis figger anybuddy who din't read the leaflets an' sumhow figger a way outta the war zone must be a willin' accomplice an' deserves t' die.

Human shields only work if everybuddy agrees they're human. By bombin' an' killin' so many t' get t' so few, Israel sez they ain't real civilians, they ain't human shields, they ain't human. When it gets shoved in their faces that these are babies they're killin', they give the excuse that they regret the unfortunate accident. It weren't any accident. They jest don't care if they kill babies an' by standin' up fer 'em, there's Canajun boogers who's standin' up fer baby-killin'.

Everybuddy's learned over the past couplafew decades that usin' massive air power an' long-range artillery can't defeat a guerilla force. Everybuddy knows that bombin' babies won't stop the hezballers. Everybuddy knows that killin' babies'll only drive more moderates inta the radical camp.

Polarization is what all warrin' sides want. They wanna see who's with 'em an' who ain't. If yer standin' with either side, yer a supporter o' terrism. Hezballers is terrists. They don't deny it, so far as I know. The IAF and IDF is terrists, too, but they deny it with phony claims of "accidents" an' fightin' fer their survival.

The overkill by Israel is designed t' bring more players inta the game. How long does Israel think Syria an' Iran'll stand fer baby-killin'. Shee-it! Even lotsa Israelis is startin' t' march fer peace. Israel needs Syria and/or Iran t' get involved soon so's the lines in the sand'll be clear an' the Merkins an' their lapdogs'll jump in full force.

The hezballers want the same thing. It ain't hezballers callin' fer a cease fire. Both sides wanna make it a bigger war an' they both wanna drag others inta the fray. They din't have much trouble draggin' Bush an' his sycophants in an' they're doin' their damndest t' drag Syria an' Iran in.

If Israel can get some real armies an' air forces t' fight, they might win. If they jest keep bombin' hunnerts o' civilians t' get a piddly few hezballers, they can't win but they can get other players fightin'.

A lastin' peace ain't gonna happen in the Mideast. Makin' a lastin' peace one o' the conditions fer a cease fire is makin' an impossible condition. By insistin' on an impossible condition, Bush/Rice/Harper/Blair make sure the killin' continues. An' lookit the job they done o' bringin' peace t' Iraq an' Afghanistan.

Here's a thought... out in Sasky, they got a child-molester who's holdin' two kiddies. If they was t' kill that sumbitch, he wouldn't molest anymore kiddies. So, if they find out where he's hidin', d'ya figger they oughta blow that town offa the map so's they can stop the peterfile?

When the IRA was plantin' bombs an' killin' London folks, did the UK bomb Dublin? 'Course not. Lotsa Irish supported the IRA. Sinn Fein had representation in gummint. What's different in Lebanon?

Yores trooly,