Saturday, July 29, 2006

Creepy Crawly Pitchers

Whooee! Well friends an' foes, I took enuff time off from follerin' the war news yesterday so's I could do sum laundry an' sum other housekeepin' chores. When I brought the clothes in offa the line, I seen this here little wee caterpiller walkin' on one o' my t-shirts. I corraled 'im onta a envelope an' before I set the little feller loose, I figgered I'd take his pitcher. I put the dime next to 'im so's everybuddy can see how teensy he is.

I went lookin' on google fer what the fuzzy thing is an' found out he's a Fall Webworm. I found out it's his bunch that's been buildin' tents in the apple tree.

I done me sum readin' up on these here Fall Webworms an' they sez they ain't too horrible bad fer the trees 'ceptin' how they're ugly lookin'.

Back t' the war...

Yores trooly,


Oxford County Liberals said...


Nice critters.

And uh, welcome back to blogging JmBobbey...I hope you're going to be doing more of it on a regular basis.

(Still hoping you can show up at our little shindig in Guelph next Saturday)

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