Saturday, August 05, 2006

What if the Lesser Antilles was bein’ overrun by badass space monsters?

Over t' StageLeft, I seen sumbuddy askin' hypothetical questions like “What would there be calls for if Israel was being overrun by its foes?”

The main topic was 'bout whether or not "everybody hates the Jews." I reckon I got off topic when I seen that "what if..." crappola.

What if the Lesser Antilles was bein’ overrun by badass space monsters?

I got a few “what-if’s”, myself.

  • What if a million people was made homeless an’ 1000 was killed an’ they was mostly kids an’ babies?

  • What if yer pryminister sez that’s alrightyfine with him?

  • What if Israel kills 40 civilians fer every one killed by their enemy?

  • What if the IDF an’ IAF is so damned incompetent that they keep makin’ one “mistake” after anuther?

  • What if the side yer PM chooses t’ back up is usin’ cluster bombs an’ white phosphorus weapons?

  • What if the Israelis bomb red cross ambulances?

  • What if the IAF targets Christian areas of Bayroot an’ kills innocent Christian kiddies an’ makes Lebanese Christians start supportin’ the hezballers?

  • What if the obvious outcome of this here “measured” response is a bigger, stronger buncha hezballers an’ more hate heaped in Israel?

  • What if the bumblin’ nincompoops King Steve an’ Clown Prince Peter is nuthin’ more’n Merkin ass-kissers an’ their “principled” stand ain’t achievin’ nuthin’ but more dead babies?

  • What if a bigass number o’ Israelis themselves was askin’ why the hell their gummint’s bent on self-destruction?

  • What if Israel’s biggest supporters wasn’t gettin’ the whole news on accounta they got their stoopid eyeballs glued t’ Fox News an’ CNN an’ ABC, NBC, CBS, PBS?

  • What if Israel’s biggest newspaper never told it’s readers ’bout the way their side took out a UN post an’ killed 4 UN guys?

  • What if Israel’s justice minister sed everybuddy in south Lebanon is hezballers an’ every one of ‘em is fair game fer killin’ — babies, an’ all?

  • What if the hezballer boss sed his guys’d stop lobbin’ rockets if Israel stopped air strikes?

  • What if two words — immediate ceasefire — from Bush three weeks ago would have saved more’n 1000 lives?
Yores trooly,

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