Monday, November 05, 2007

Senate Reform: Who Gives a Rat's Ass?

Whooee! Well friends an' foes, I was just over to POGGE's fine boog an' I left a bigass comment that I'm recyclin' over here in my own little boog. PogFeller sez maybe the Senate ain't such a bad idea an' he also sez Smilin' Jack's got bigger fish he oughta be tossin' in the fryin' pan.

The Senate, as it stands, is an embarrassment. It may have some role to play with regard to "sober second thought" but when the members are unelected and there are no effective term limits, it amounts to patronage on a grand scale. I wrote up a song about the Senate one time when ol' Fartin' Martin was handin' out seats on the gravy train.

If the opposition does its job, a minority Harper government cannot subvert the will of Parliament -- with or without the Senate. They can stall things but they can't really do much? Pogge sez he figgers they can dig in their heels an' stop Harper's nutty ideas from affectin' us all. I ain't got that much confidence in them old farts.

But, dang-it-all, I'm alongside the PogMan that there's lotsa more important things ol' Layton oughta be yammerin' on. I had a laff when Jackwas on his horse about them bank fees. Sheesh! What a compellin' issue! Now, he's on Senate reform -- something else hardly anybody sees as a top issue facing Canajuns.

Want some big issues? Here's a few offa the top o' my noggin.

Ol' Mother Earth's in deep doo-doo an' accordin' to some pundidiots, Harpoon's managed to pull the wool over an' make a lotta Canajuns think he's as good as anyone when it comes to dealin' with the most important threat ever.

Afghanistan is a runaway train that's gonna come off the rails soon as the Merkans quit EyeRack an' start blowin' up Afstan, again. Karzai's headed fer the selfsame troublems that are plaguin' Perv the Mushy Sherrif.

Our First Nations folks is still fightin' 100 year old land claims.

Our water supply is threatened by wasteful Merkans who wanna tap into our clean lakes an' rivers now that they poisoned their own.

We got a bigass tradin' partner who is the worst human rights violator in the world an' who sells us tainted products fer our pets and our kids.

I reckon I could go on and on tellin' about things that are way more important than reformin' that retirement home fer friends of pryministers, the Senate.

It ain't just Happy Jack Laydown who's takin' his eye off the ball. They're all doin' it. Well... except maybe the gal I adore, Earth Mother Lizzie May.



Anonymous said...

Just imagine now, Harper with no Senate, what he could do!!!!

Dave said...

Speak it JimBobby!

I agree. While I would like to see a reformed Senate, there are a lot more higher priorities than that facing us as a nation.

I agree with Pogge. The very serious possibility of a Harper majority means the last line of defence against Reform/Alliance radicalism will become the red chambre.

Now is definitely not the time.

Karen said...

Well, America will have a new Prez come mid-January 2009. I think there's a strong possibility that it may be a Dem, which will likely mean more attention to issues of earth conservation and less to warring.

Rev.Paperboy said...

I'd like to see them fix the Senate too, but it isn't even in the top ten, priority wise.

Oh and happy birthday Jimbobby, have a beer at the Norfolk on me! You can....uh....mail me the bill.

JimBobby said...

Whooee! Thankee fer the comments, fellers an' gals.

Oh and happy birthday Jimbobby, have a beer at the Norfolk on me!

Yer freakin' me out, man. Thanks.


Karen said...

You're how old????
Younger than me, that's how old.
Happy Day

JimBobby said...


Sam said...


Mr. Jim Bobby, if I do say so, I must say that I have frequently found your comments on my blog to be of significant interest, and so I thought that I might, perchance, reply with a comment of my own.

It has always seemed to me that the adaptation of the British House of Lords was rather poorly done in the case of the Canadian Parliamentary system. In the United Kingdom, the system does at least have historical relevance to be understandable, but is rather questionable in execution in this day and age. The way in which the Canadian Senate works, however, seems perfectly incomprehensible. I must confess, Mr. Jim Bobby, I am with you. Who does give a "rats ass"?