Monday, November 12, 2007

Cross-Border Shopping Litterbugs Shame Canada

Whooee! Well friends an' foes, I got some bad news about some Canajuns. It's the Canajuns who's flockin' over to Merkan border towns an' cities spendin' their Lucky Loonies on bargains.

I live about 2 hours from Buffalo, NY. My brother's a Merkan citizen an' he lives right in Buffalo. He’s recoverin’ from some surgery an’ my ol’ Mum am’ I went over to Merka last Friday fer a hospital visit. I was dreadin’ the Peace Bridge traffic but we went early an’ came home early an’ there was only a short wait both ways.

I drove past a few bigass malls an’ big box stores an’ such but I didn’t buy a dang thing. That helped get us through the customs booth quick on the way home.

My Merkan brother sez the big thing they notice about all the Canajuns comin’ over lately is we’re a buncha litterbugs. He sez the mall parkin’ lots is strewn with discarded clothes an’ shoes. The Canajuns are tossin’ their old rags out the car door an’ smugglin’ their new wardrobes on their backs.

Embarrassin’, sez I.

When The Canajun gummint is gettin' an international reputation fer pissin' on ol' Mother Earth, it don't help to have Canajun spendthrifts litterin' the landscape with old parkas an' runnin' shoes.

We all know about the Ugly Merkans: loudmouthed tourists who disrespect local customs an' people. Now that our money talks louder than Merkan greenbacks, it looks like some Canajuns wanna be as ugly as their Merkan counterparts.

My advice to Canajun cross border bargain huntin' clothes smugglers: find a donation box for Goodwill Industries or the Salvation Army. Clothes an' shoes left in mall parkin' lots just end up in the trash. If them clothes was good enough to wear shoppin', they're good enough to donate to some less fortunate feller or gal.



Karen said...

We haven't had any trouble with Canadian shoppers down here. LOL.

Anonymous said...

Canadian Litterbugs litter up here too. Just ask anyone who has worked in retail who has to cleanup dressing rooms, parking lots and food courts.

We are a disgusting species some (most?) times.

The Mayor said...

So, if I'm reading you correctly, I don't even have to buy my shoes and clothes anymore, I can just pick through the remnants of the mall parking lot?

How sweet is that?