Monday, July 16, 2007

SPP Challenge - Results Coming In

Whooee! Last week, I come up with a poll idea. The idea was fer a few Canajun boogers to personally survey friends, acquaintances, total strangers, stor clerks or anybuddy they can a simple question: "Have you ever heard of SPP?"

I asked 47 people. Not a single one had ever heard of SPP. Some guessed (incorrectly). After getting a negative response, I asked 'em if they'd ever heard of the Security and Prosperity Partnership. Not a single one of my 47 subjects had ever heard of it.

I didn't give 'em any handouts but I did tell my interviewees that they should keep an eye out fer SPP in the news and that they'd maybe hear more about it in August when Dubya comes callin'.

Most of my interviewees were relatively well-educated and informed. Most of 'em, I knew by name.

As more results come in, I'll post 'em up here and link to the boogs.

Green Assassin Brigade took me up on the challenge and has his results publicated this mornin'. He found a solitary person among his 27 interviewees who had some idea of what SPP is.



Anonymous said...

Thats very scary. I always think Canadians are well informed, but if no one is informing...

I posted about the SPP, and crossposted on DailyKos too. No response....I was curious to see what results you all got.

Think Ill write a letter to one of my local papers. Correct that, Ill write to em both.
I just know that one won't touch it with a ten foot pole....They tend to look on things from the governments point'o'view. :)Ad $$ and all that.....

Anonymous said...

My lack of hits on the post and your lack of comments leads me to believe that even Bloggers aren't following this topic!


JimBobby said...

GAB, I think yer right. Unfortunately, the negotiations continue and nobuddy'll take notice until it's a fait accompli and our sons and daughters are drafted into the unified forces of Merkan conquest.

Maybe my next boog story on it'll be titled "SPP: Who Gives a Shit?"

One of the fellers I asked if they ever heard of SPP is a local disabled veteran on a disability pension. He's probbly in his early 40's. After he told me he'd never heard of SPP, he asked what it was. When I started tellin' that it was aimed at reducin' travel and trade restrictions between US-CAN_MEX, he thought it sounded like a good thing. When I mentioned that the deal would mean we gotta give away our water and natural resource rights, he changed his tune in a hurry.

Point: it'll be an easy sell as long as the sales force only talks advantages and don't mention any drawbacks.


Anonymous said...

I have asked over 30 people, two of them (both politically active and/or politically knowledgeable) knew about the SPP, the rest just looked confused.

JimBobby said...

Thankee fer that, SL.

So far:
100 asked
3 had a clue.

I seen an article today sed there's 10,000 anarchists plannin' on comin' to Q-Beck in August to protest. I wonder how they organize that many anarchists? Seems like an oxymoron.

The funny thing I'm seein' is it's the right-wing Merkans who's against SPP an' the left wing Canajuns. Mighty strange bedfellows: Maude Barlow and Lou Dobbs.

Anonymous said...

Left-wing Americans are probably under the mistaken impression that under SPP, the US will become more like Canada. That is, if they've heard of it at all. The story is not picking up much traction there, that's for sure.

Anonymous said...

It's funny it's the far right and the libertarian type who mostly against this in the U.S. because it will steal their liberty and Sovereignty.

They don't seem to realize they will just overwealm us and take over, but it this is what fuels their rage and resistence we should feed the paranoia. It may their fear of Mexicans is over powering their desire to rape our resources.

SPP gets a lot of mention in the contrarian finacial web sites, liberty sites, gold bugs, a number of U.S. states have passed resolutions against SPP, texas has actually past laws halting any work on the "super Highway" for several years.

It's funny, to save ourselves from the U.S. we have to reach out to those least likely to be our allies.