Thursday, July 05, 2007

Afghan Mission Creeps into Pakistan

Whooee! Well friends an' foes, the war in Afghanistan just got bigger.

Now, NATO's got permission to go over into Pakistan to kill Talibans. I ain't sure whether this'll help things in Afstan any. I pretty much figger it's a doomed mission. (h/t

What I do figger this'll mean is that the Merkans'll wage some air strikes inside Pakistan and there'll be some civilians killed. You don't hafta be Kreskin to predict Merkan air strikes and civilian casualties and public outrage and anti-Merkan sentiments risin'. Why would Pakistan be any different than EyeRack or Afghanistan?

Ol' Pervez Musharrif's hangin' onta power by military force, alone. When the Merkans bomb a madrassa in Waziristan, MushMan's power'll be put to the test. I reckon NATO might just be sowin' the seeds of a Pakistan civil war.

I been doin' a bit a yammerin' in some comments gabfests here an' there. Mostly in reaction to our six brave soldiers dying at the hands of the talibans. I reckon we got us a doomed mission. The Merkans lost interest and took most o' their men and money over to EyeRack. Now that they made asses of themselves there, they're takin' a fresh look at Afghanistan.

Only thing is, they wanna keep usin' air power and they keep killin' the wrong people when they do that. The mess in Afstan ain't gonna get fixed by Merkan bombs.

Here's what we got in Afghanistan -- a warlord-ruled narco-state officially known as the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan. The new constitution enshrines Shari'a law. Conversion from Islam to Christianity is a death penalty offense. Afghanistan supplies 90% of the world's opium. Opium is the mainstay of the economy but has only become the mainstay since the ouster of the anti-drug talibans.

Sounds like a bad place, right? Sounds like maybe we should be fightin' to create that shinin' beacon of democracy George W. talked about before we signed on, right?

Wrong. We ain't fightin' against any o' that bad stuff. We fightin' for it. We're fightin' and dyin' to prop up the warlord-ruled narco-state Islamic Republic of Afghanistan.




Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

This is just more double dealing by Pakistan, we know their secret service supplies taliban and other radicals with information and assistance now they will allow bombing in their territory with the sole reason of wanting more civilian dead.

Once they have civilian deaths they can use it as an excuse to either

1 crack down of whoever rebels at the deaths

2.or distance themselves from what they must now see as a lost cause siding with the U.S.

Not that I'm suggesting it as a rational or ethical option but the only way to win this is systematic Genocide, anything short of this will fail, therefore we have no choice but get the hell out. The methodology to subjugate an unwilling population has always been to brutalize them, eliminate them, or assimilate them. The first two we are too moral to use, the last takes far too long.

On another topic, since GABfest is a copy righted, fund raising event for the Green Assassin Brigade,(beer, bands, mud wrestling, toak licking)
expect to hear from my lawyer;)