Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Ferget the Rules, There's Killin' t' be Done

Whooee! Well friends an' foes, ol' JimBobby ain't been postin' much onta this little boog lately. I been makin' a lot o' comments over t' StageLeft an' now I'm gonna copy an' paste sum o' them comments here. I'm a lazyass, no two ways, an' copy pastin' is sumpin' works fer me.

It’s gettin’ harder an’ harder t’ deny there’s a real pattern emergin’. The whole ding-dong world’s come out fer a ceasefire. The whole world except fer three countries - the US, Israel an’ Canadee. The whole world sees disproportionate retaliation. The whole world except fer three countries - the US, Israel an’ Canadee. Even Tony the Poodle pissed on his master’s pant leg.

When they bomb ambulances with big ol’ red crosses painted on the roof, they’re targetin’ civilians. When they drop cluster bombs an’ white phosphorus weapons, they’re targetin’ civilians. When the Merkin congress votes 410 to 8 in favour o’ speedin’ up delivery o’ bombs t’ Israel, the Merkin congress not ony gives the Israelis a green light t’ keep on doin’ what they’re doin’, it becomes an active participant in the targetin’ of civilians. When Canadee’s Pryminister sez the Israelis is justified in doin’ what they’re doin’ an’ doesn’t even speak up when Canajuns is killed, Canadee is an active participant in the Israeli campaign.

The Merkins got away with usin’ cluster bombs an’ white phosphorus in Fallujah. Nobuddy’s denyin’ it. They jest sez that it ain’t illegal an’ it was justified.

I been readin’ a few Israeli boogs an’ sum op-eds in Haaretz an’ Ynet. There’s a coupla things startin’ t’ get the attention o’ some Israelis. They’re wondrin’ howcum their military ain’t slowed down the rockets. When they got a bigass army with all sortsa intel guys, howcum they ain’t put a bigger dent in the strikin’ power o’ 3000 haff-assed hezballers? Some Israelis is even askin’ why so many Lebanese is bein’ killed when it ain’t gettin’ the job done.

Over here, we’re gettin’ the message that the Merkins is allowin’ Israel t’ do what it’s doin’. Over there, sum Israelis is sayin’ it’s the Merkins callin’ the shots an’ usin’ the IDF as its proxy force against Syria an’ Iran. The Merkins give Israel $15 mil a day in aid that comes back to the Merkins when Israel buys bombs an’ guns from the Merkins. War’s always been good bizness fer guys like Cheney an’ his Halliburton buddyboys.

Condi made a big deal outta the Merkins givin’ Lebanon $30 mil t’ rebuild the damage done by Merkin weapons. They give Israel that same amount every two days.

There’s plenty o’ UN bashers in Merka an’ Canadee, too, who ain’t losin’ any sleep over them 4 pore bastards who got blowed up. Din’t they see the leaflets? What bizness they got hangin’ out in a war zone, anyways? If they’re still there, they gotta be hezballer sympathizers or worse.

Yores trooly,

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Well, said, Hoss.