Saturday, May 12, 2007

Hidden Agenda Exposed - Lightbulbs and No-Fly List

Whooee! Well friends and foes, the HarpoonTossers' hidden agenda's startin' to see the light of day.
  • Who'da thought they'd be turnin' Canada into a nanny state where the government tells everybuddy what kinda lightbulbs they gotta use?
  • Who'da thought they'd cave in to them AlGoreDavidSuzukiTreeHuggin' Climate Change lunatics?
  • Who'da thought they'd give billions an' billions of TROC's luckybucks to Q-beck so's they can buy votes?
  • Who'da thought Bev Oda'd be chauffeured around in bigass limousines and givin' away slush fund money in Con ridings in a secret program?
  • Who'da thought they'd shift blame for their own incompetence on to our good military fellers an' gals?
  • Who'da thought they'd be so much like them dang Liberals we just got rid of?
Not these guys. Yeow! They wanna bring back the old Reform Party. Who can blame 'em? They're the ones who fought hardest fer King Steve an' they're the ones with egg all over their faces now that his secret agenda's been exposed.

Good thing fer the ConMen they got a brand new powertool in their polytickle tool chest - Stockboy's No-Fly List.

The No-Fly list is a godsend fer the Con's. They just need to get the right people on the list. Like they already got Stephane Dion's wifemate Janine Krieber on their No-Talk List. If they can get Dion, Layton an' Link Byfield on the No-Fly List, them enemies of the state'll have a tough time stumpin'.

I reckon PitBullBoy Baird can sell this No-Fly list on the GHG reduction angle. Keepin' all them polyticians grounded is gonna make us meet our Clean Air Act targets.



Anonymous said...

That no fly list is such a dumb f*cking idea that words cannot properly express just how stupid it is.... what does "reasonably suspected" mean anyway.

Canada is one step closer to the authoritarian type states we used to stand against.

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