Thursday, December 02, 2010

Inferiority, schminferiority!

Whooee! Well, friends an' foes, I just left me a bigass comment over to Steve V's Far and Wide. Ol' Steve's bought into the idea that Canajuns got us an inferiority complex like that Merkan feller with the leaky wick said. I ain't buyin' it. Here's my recycled comment from Far and Wide.

Inferiority, schminferiority!

If we're comparin' ourselves to the Merkans, we got nothing to feel inferior about. We're better educated. We're in better health. We don't go around shootin' each other quite as much as they do. We tolerate diversity like same sex marriage and polygamy and poutine. We know how to drive in the snow. Our money's way prettier. We've got way more square kilometers per person. We know what kilometers are.

I figger it's the Merkans who got the inferiority complex. I mean who gets all antsy about how they're portrayed in dumbass sitcoms or cop shows? Merkan TV is always pokin' fun at Canajuns an', true to their stereotype, we're too polite to complain. The real reason we don't complain is we don't wanna make 'em see how stoopid they are. It's compassion more than politeness, I reckon.

Oh yeah... our tar sands are bigger and dirtier than theirs and we got pretty darn big carbon footprints, too. They only can go coast to coast but we can go from coast to coast to coast. We're whippin' their sorryasses 3 to 2 in the coast department an' I don't see 'em catchin' up, neither.

An' another thing, my dog's got a bigger vocabulary than most Merkans. He knows sign language, too.

Standin' on guard with a glowin' heart,



The Mound of Sound said...

Absolutely true, JB. I have spent a fair bit of time in the States and I can't think of anything that would make me feel, as a Canadian, inferior. No, wait - the Pacific Coast Highway on a hot motorcycle. Oh well. Aside from that I feel incredibly privileged to live in Canada. Our advantages will become increasingly apparent as this century goes on provided we can retain our civilized culture.

Winnipeg Dad said...

Those Americans are so paranoid, they have to go shooting off bombs and rockets to make sure nobody swipes their flag in the middle of the night. They say so themselves in their national anthem.

Canajun said...

TMOS - Here I was feeling all superior and then you go and mention the PCH. Damn....

Alison said...

Here's the thing, Bobby.
Not only do I not think Canadians have anything to feel inferior about, I don't see any evidence that Canadians do feel inferior.
What I see is the noosemedia asking any celeb who lands in Toronto what they think of Canada before they even get off the tarmac, and various gloomy CBC investigations into our so-called inferiority complex. So obviously a lot of Canadian media do have an inferiority complex and we all talk about it coz they do. Meh.

JimBobby said...

Thanks for the comments, fellers an`gal.

Alison, I think you`re barkin`up the right tree wrt a media inferiority complex. Generally, I don`t like layin`blame on the media on accounta that`s what the politicians is always doin`. In this case, though, I think the media is dang jealous of all the glitzy TV comin`across the border.

900ft Jesus said...

I don't think Canadians feel inferior to Americans. They are generally quite proud that they are not Yanks.

I think they occasionally feel intimidated by the global power the US has as compared to Canada, but they don't think that makes them lesser beings.

Beijing York said...

If anything, we might need to take note of our superiority complex. I remember when Bush the Second first got installed and we subsequently refused to join the coalition of the willing, we patted ourselves on the back for being so much more enlightened than our neighbours to the south.

Fast forward to a second Harper minority government, an extended futile mission in Afghanistan and the prospects of war on drugs and privatized prisons on the horizon, and you have to think that we now have a reason to wipe the smug expressions off our faces.

More importantly, we need to see that Harper is taking us down this road that leads to emulating the worst that the US has on offer.

D.S.Barclay said...

Canadians are smug and complacent (which then leads to our apathy and non-involvement in our politics) towards America, which serves to cover up an inferiority complex. Knowing that they have the power to basically do anything to us and our country they want and we can do nothing to stop them. Knowing that the leaders of our two biggest political parties are; a wanna-be American-Republican (Harper), and an already converted American (Iggy). As well, they already own almost every business of size in the country. But talk is cheap so we pretend.