Friday, September 12, 2008

Snobby JimBobby Sez "Canadians ARE Stupid"

Whooee! Well friends an' foes, before I start in pissin' everybuddy off, I'm gonna say that as a Green Party member, I wholeheartedly disagree with what John Bennett did yesterday. I've emailed the gal I adore and I'm hoping for a speedy resolution to this dumbass problem.

UPDATE: Re Leftdog issue, I have it on good authority that there will be an apology today. I hope it's quick and I hope it's a well-worded "real" apology.

Now for the part about how that down-home, folksy, treehuggin' grampaw shows his disrespect for the Canadian voter.

I don't lump all Canadians together and I don't think all Canadians are stupid - at least not about everything. I don't think Canadians who disagree with my POV are stupid just because we disagree. I want to respect Canadian voters and, of course, I do respect decisions made democratically in fair votes. But, dang it all, as much as I want to respect all voters, I can't help but wonder about the intelligence of many.

I'll try not to generalize too much but that won't be easy and I'm a lazyass, as everybuddy knows. Here's some of my evidence of Canadian voter stupidity:

  • Many, if not most, voters distrust politicians. We know that politicians often break their campaign promises. Not too much stupid about that.

  • However, knowing that politicians lie, we consistently vote for the one who tells the biggest, fattest, most-unbelieveable lies. The more they tell us just what we want to hear, the more likely we are to support them -- despite repeated evidence and countless examples of the promises being broken.

  • When it comes to issues that relate to taxes, the gullibility level increases exponentially.

  • Despite the fact that we know (or should know) that taxes pay for roads, schools, hospitals, doctors, parks, food safety, national defence, democratic representation, police, firefighters, and about a jillion other things that our society values and needs, we are always ready and willing and eager to reduce taxes. Worse, we believe lying politicians wjhen they promise to cut taxes in a cynical and self-serving attempt to take advantage of our stupidity.
Politicians -- I'm talking about old school, old-line politicians -- need to be very careful about telling the truth. The truth hurts. The truth can cost them votes. If the truth is that Canadians are gullible and ignorant, they value votes more than the truth and will be considered loose cannons or naive neophytes should they dare to say that Canadians are stupid.

I'm not running for office. I don't speak for any party or organization. I absolutely don't speak for the Green Party. I support the Greens and I'm a member. I am not a spokesperson - official or unofficial.

I'm sure I'll be called naive or an elitist or a poor politician.

I'm not naive. I've been around the block a few times in my nearly 60 years. I've been kicked down, put down, voted down and pushed around; hired, fired and conspired against. I've listened to professional, experienced politicians tell me lies and I've even been stupid enough to believe some of those lies.

I 'm not an elitist. You'll have to take my word for it, though. My income is well below the national average. I worked as a self-employed tradesman most of my life. Currently, I try to make ends meet with a home-based online business. I went to university for a few years but I never finished and there ain't any letters after my name.

I would make a poor politician. I've been approached to run for MP and MPP in my riding and I've declined every time. Last night, I was at band practice and my fellow band members were asking why I wasn't the local candidate. I told them it's mostly because we've got more qualified people willing to stand and they'll get more votes than me. What I didn't mention is that I'd make a piss poor politician. I just can't charge into a room with a big grin and an outstretched hand. I'm not that much of a salesman and I have a nasty habit of speaking my mind without regard for whether it's politically correct or expedient.

So, since I'm not running for office and I'm confident in my own knowledge that I'm not an elitist, I'm not afraid to say that some Canadians are stupid. Sometimes, they're only stupid when it comes to certain things. In fact, I don't think their are too many 100% dumbasses walking amongst us or puttin' their X on the ballot.

It might have been Mark Twain who said this old proverb that I'll try paraphrasing.

Some of the people are stupid all of the time. All of the people are stupid some of the time. All of the people are not stupid all of the time.



Anonymous said...

Didn't you know? She said Canadiens are Stupid. Meaning the hockey team. Darn Leafs fans...

Scott in Montreal said...


May dissed my Habs? Now that's a controversy! Doesn't she know Bob Gainey habitually drafts US college players and often then lets them finish their degrees before bringing them up to the pro ranks?

Good one!

Anonymous said...

You can never go wrong quoting Twain

"Sometimes I wonder whether the world is being run by smart people who are putting us on or by imbeciles who really mean it." -

I would say that the 40% that don't vote are stupid because they leave their fate in the hands of others, My attitutude is trust no one, expect nothing that way you'll never be disapointed. If you let others decide what is good for you, you are stupid!!!!
If you think watching the Habs is more important than watching the debate, you are stupid!!!
dito for any other shit on that night!!!!

The majority certainly are lazy, cynical and disinterested making them easy prey for liars and charlatans or just causing them to drop out of the system.

Canadians just need to get angry enough to pay attention!

thwap said...

This invented scandal is something I'm almost indifferent to.

I liked your post.

Anonymous said...

Good post, JB.

These attacks (including the rumour circulating in the press) are to be expected since May got into the debates after Harper's insiders admitted they had worked together with Layton to keep her out. No one is going to expend that effort and take that kind of risk unless they are really worried about something. I expect them to now work to try to discredit May before the debates. Sad. But as you say, most Canadians are not that stupid.

lil miss hissyfit said...

Is it wrong that regardless of party alliances I would vote for you? I'm sure you're right that you're not PC enough to garner the attention of enough people to get anywhere but you're charming in how you write. You're honest and humorous and entertaining. I doubt those are necessarily the qualities people want in leaders but at least it can be said they are good qualities in an individual person.

I always feel like taxcuts are a lie. Sure I'm saving money on food and clothes but I'm spending more on medical costs that aren't covered. Plus sometimes prices for things rise to make up for the loss of money made with the tax decrease.

I'm positive we could lower still take care of the country with the current tax rate if our government stopped giving huge corporations giant tax breaks. Or stopped paying themselves exorbitant amounts, there'd be plenty to go around. Not that either thing is likely to happen anytime soon.

JimBobby said...

Whooee! Thankee kindly fer them comments, fellers an' gals.

I'm happy as Larry that the Green guy apologized to Leftdog an' Lefty accepted the apology. I'm hopin' the campaign can start really focusin' on issues an' policies instead o' gaffes an' personalities.

Then again, maybe Canajuns is just too stoopid to think about policies an' they'd rather vote according to who's got the best hair. Nah!