Tuesday, July 01, 2008

I Am Canadian, I Love Everybody

Whooee! Well friends an' foes, it's Canada Day up Canada way an' I just spent a few minutes readin' a few boog stories from my fellow Canajun boogers. Ol' Zorph has a funny pitcher on Garth's boog. Dawg's blawggin' 10 good things about this land of ours. Jennifer's extollin' the virtues of the Canajun boogeysphere and quotin' Pierre Troodough. Mentarch's sendin' out happy wishes along with a wish for regime change. Paladiea's lookin' fer regime change, too. The Rev's got some good video selections for yer Canada Day viewin' pleasure. Plenty more Canada Day well wishers at Pergressive Boogers.

I reckon I better join in the well wishin'.

I wish all my feller Canajuns a Happy Canada Day. I ain't gonna growse or grumble or call for regime change or kvetch or bitch or piss'n'moan... leastwise, not today. The sun's shinin'. Ma's takin' the day off. Well, mostly. She's doin' a little sewin' work right now as a favour to the next door neighbour. When she's done, we're gonna go over to the ball park an' toss the ball an' frisbee fer Spot an' Ellie. Maybe we'll see some of our dog park buddies.

Yeow! It's almost 10 o'clock. I better get dressed. Can't go to the dog park in my bathrobe.

Be careful out there, Canajuns. If yer drivin', don't be drinkin'. If yer swimmin', don't be drownin'. If yer ridin' yer dumbass ATV, don't roll over in some poor farmer's soybeans. If yer out in the boat, wear sunscreen. If yer tossin' back a few brown pops, have one fer ol' JB.

Happy Canada Day.



West End Bob said...

And to you, JB.

Loved the line about the ATV's, BTW . . . .

Anonymous said...

Happy Canada Day to you too.

I'm not Canadian but I'm curious about where the term Canajun comes from. What's the origin of the word and who are Canajuns? Eh?


JimBobby said...

Thanks, Bob an' Gemma. Gemmagal, "Canajun" is just phonetic spellin' fer Canadian the way some Canajuns say it. I think it might have originated with a feller I admire, Charlie Farquarson.


Real_PHV_Mentarch said...

Happy Canada Day, JB!

Stephen K said...

Happy Canada Day, all!

Anonymous said...

Happy Canadee Day to you, JB.

Watching the fireworks at Canada Place from Waterfront Park on the North Shore (packed), we could hear conversations in six different languages just within a one-blanket radius of where we sat on the grass, but it turns out no matter where you come from everyone understands a chorus of "Siddown!".

(Everyone reacts the same way, too: Oops-oh-shit, crouch-kneel-sit. Priceless.)

Oh, and every language says "Ooooh" and "Aaaah" in the same way. Imagine that?

This place rocks.

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