Friday, June 20, 2008

Elizabeth May Needs to be in TV Debates to Defend Against Dion

Whooee! Well friends an' foes, I been agitatin' to get the gal I adore, Earth Mother Lizzie May, into the TV debates when an election comes around. Up yonder at the top of my boog, you'll notice a yellow banner for Demand Democratic Debates. I'd be happy as Larry if you'd click it and sign the petition.

I was just leavin' a comment over to Jimmy Curran, the What Do I Know Grit's boog. It occurred to me that now, more than ever, Lizzie needs to be in the TV debates. Stephane Dion has set his sights on Green Party support. I wrote up a boog story about Dion wooing us treehuggers a coupla days ago. We need Lizzie up there on the TV remindin' voters that the real green party is the Green Party.

With Dion actively targeting us, it wouldn't be fair if we ain't got a voice defending us and tryin' to retain and build on the great support the Greens is experiencin'. The only party that has experienced significant growth since the last election is the Green Party. Now, Dion wants to scoop soft Green support away. I hope the fatcat TV execs on the Broadcast Consortium don't help him get away with it.



Ryan said...

I wouldn't bet on it.

Our electoral system has become a depressing for of pathetic political drama.

You'd have better luck getting her on the front page of the National Post.

Anonymous said...

Elizabeth May would just be a cheerleader for Dion. I imagine she'll jump ship to the Liberals when it becomes expedient for her.

The Green Party should be renamed the Elizabeth May Party.

Kyle said...

While I agree that the Green Party deserves a spot in the debates - it won't happen. Something about precedent being set with the Reform Party not being at the table until they had a seat. And even though that's the biggest cop out excuse there is, it's the one we're all going to hear from the networks.