Friday, February 01, 2008

Earth to MacKay: The Fox is Guarding the Henhouse

Whooee! Well friends an' foes, it just keeps gettin' worser an' worser. Now, the Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Commission(AIHRC) sez we oughta start handin' detainees over to the Afghani authorities again. It ain't that they've figgered out how to stop the torturin'. Hell, even the Governor of Kandahar has been accused of personally torturing prisoners. Those accusations were made by Canada in a report to the International Committee of the Red Cross.

But now, the outfit we've got monitoring detainee conditions and which allowed the torture to go on under its nose is saying we should resume transfers. The optics, they say, are not good. The locals equate Canada with America and America with Guantanamo and Abu Ghraib.

The locals think we're keepin' the prisoners so we can torture them.

The AIHRC thinks we should accept that framing and hand over the detainees to the human-rights-abiding Afghanis. I'm sure Governor Khalid agrees and since Khalid and Pete MacKay are on good speaking terms, I'm sure Pete will give the "All clear" soon.

Here's a picture of Potato Pete with the Governor. Peter MacKay complained to this Governor on November 6 about detainee torture. MacKay knew since April that there were serious and credible allegations of torture against the governor himself. Yet, in November when MacKay wants to complain about detainee treatment, he takes his complaint to the one person who can be counted upon to ignore it completely.
So, what you figger they're sayin'?

MacKay: Let me get this straight, Governor. You take hold of their pinky and twist it until it breaks? Like this?

Khalid: Yes, Infidel Lackey, you're gettin' it. Another good interrogation method is to make them interlock their fingers, like this, and then just use the sledge hammer. You can break 7 or 8 fingers at a time.

MacKay: Wow! I bet even Jack Bauer doesn't know that one. That pansyass treehuggin' Governator Schwartzenegger's got nothing on you, Governor Asadullah, old buddy old pal.

Man in red jacket: Okay, so you get them folding their hands... and then... I gotta get this written down. Minister MacKay will want notes on this when we get back to Ottawa.


Here's a little advice from a country boy to ol' Pete MacKay. PeteFeller, when you got problems in the henhouse, don't call in the fox to fix things up.

If this AIHRC was any sorta legit outfit, they'd inspect the Canadian detention centre and inspect the Governor's secret torture chambers and then report to the public. Instead, they lend credence to the idea that Canadians are torturing Afghani's at Kandahar Air Field. Where'd we find these guys, again?


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