Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Globe Insider Edition - FREE ACCESS

Whooee! Well friends an' foes, I'm gonna let you in on a way t' read the Mop & Pail's Insider columns without shellin' out any o' yer hard earned dough t' Bell-GlobeMedia. I figger I pay the Bell enuff with my ExpressVu an' my Sympatico an' my telephone. Once in a while on a Saturday, I pick up the paper at the corner store.

Here's how t' read them 'pinion pieces by fellers an' gals like Johnny Ibbotson an' JeffBoy Simpson an' ChristieGal Blatchford an' any o' the Globe's other high-priced pundidiots.
  • Go to the front page o' the Globe.
  • Click on one o' them Insiders Only links.

  • They'll give you a teaser.

    Select the firstest sentence an' copy it t' yer clipboard by doin' Ctrl+C or Right-click+Copy.
  • Go to Google News.

    Paste that firstest sentence in the search field by goin' Ctrl+V or Right-click+Paste.

    IMPORTANT!! Put double quotes around the sentence. Click the search button an' yer gonna get probbly jest one search result. Click it.

  • Yer an insider!

    Yer gonna be able t' read the Insider column but you ain't gonna be able t' read the comments or t' make comments. Whaddya want fer free?

I reckon this might jest end up like Google an' YouTube once the Globe's lawyers read my little boog story.

Yores trooly,


Karen said...

Well, knock me down 'n call me Shorty. I didn't know a Canajun sounded so much like a range-ridin' Texas cowpoke. Now I know from first hand experience what a Cajun is, aieeeee. But what the galloping gravy is a Canajun? Is it a Cajun that didn't bother to leave Canada? Do they speak Cajun? Is it all "laissez le bon temps roulez" with Canajuns? Do you have zydeco music (absolutely wonderful stuff) and high spirited dancing? If not, you need to get you some of that. I love that zydeco, me.

JimBobby said...

Whooee! CaitieGal, I see yer doin' yer boogin' from deep in the heart o' Texas. I been t' yer fine state a few times an' I got me a brother who lived in Austin fer 12 years or so. I spent sum time in Big Bend, too. Also, Laredo.

Welcome t' my Canajun boog.

Regardin' yer question 'bout what a Canajun is, it's jest exackly the selfsame thing as what high-brow folks call a "Canadian." I spell it the way lotsa real life Canajuns say it. I spell "American" as "Merkin" on accounta that's how it sounds when lotsa Merkins say it. We still got sum Cajuns here but the high-fallutin' types call 'em "Acadians."

We got all sortsa Canajuns, Caitie. We got the Cajuns, like you heard of, an' we got Q-beckers (Parlay-voo's an' Anglophone, too). We got oil rig workers out in Alberty who'd fit in jest fine in Amarillo. We got fisherfolk who'd have their sea-legs even if they was fishin' outta Galveston. We got factory workers an' farmers an' ranchers an' carpenters an' loggers. We got sum crooked polyticians an' a few honest ones, too.

An' regardin' the music, sonofgun we got big fun even if we ain't got any bayous. I play the squeezebox in a little band an' we play old-time country, alt-country, sum western swing an' at least one Duke Ellington tune. I'm workin' on the Cajun button box an' also on sum TexMex cordeen styles.

Thankee kindly fer droppin' by. Come back anytime. I ain't been boogin' myself so much as I go out an' leave a comment here an' there in the Canajun boogeysphere.

Yores trooly,

Karen said...

Well, if I had thought about it, I'd have known what Canajun was. Tell your brother we're still keeping Austin weird. We live about 28 miles north of Austin, right up big old IH-35. Big Bend -ah, what a special place. We're going there in May to scatter my mother's ashes in Santa Elena Canyon.

You may have some Cajuns, but I'll bet you don't have any Coonasses. They've all allons a Lafayette.

Yep, you need you some zydeco & some conjunto in your repertoire. You need some Buckwheat Zydeco and some Flaco Jimenez.

Anonymous said...

Does it take you long to write the way you can?

JimBobby said...

Hey Sasky, sorry fer takin' so long t' get back t' yer commentin' question. I figger it takes a little longer'n jest writin' like everybuddy else. I gotta easy method. I jest say the words in my head then I put 'em down like I say 'em.

I figger most folks who ain't snooty-toots talk a lot like JimBobby an' the other fellers down t' Hortons. Boog readers ain't useta seein' dialect but creative writers's been writin' in dialect since Moses wrote the Bible.

Come back soon, SaskFeller.


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